Ukraine yellow and blue
Ukraine yellow and blue



Is anyone happy in Ukraine?


Area – 603 628 км² – 1st in Europe, 46 in the world.

Population – 43 mln.

Independent since 1991

GDP per capita $7,989


Is anyone happy in Ukraine?


I spent 17 years in the capital of this country. I have seen two revolutions, a war, crises (sorry, can’t remember how many, too many). Sometimes we said thank you for surviving this day, went to the bed and next day everything was completely different.

That was not easy. Not for me, I was too small and too stupid to understand the fire on the streets, fall of Ukrainian currency (hryvnia), corrupted governmental system.

“Shit happens” they said. We, children, felt it. We had less candies, uglier dolls, longer days at school.


Were we happy? Paradox, we were.


We, Ukrainians, never thought that balanced life was possible. Confidence in tomorrow’s day was as gauzy as girls’ tights on 1st September. We thought it was ok. We lived. All together, with families and friends. European Union never existed for us. We lived. NATO never supported us. We lived. The US and post-soviet countries promised. Never executed. We lived.


Were we happy? Paradox, we were.


Europeneans protested against low salaries. We earned 100$. The USA was drowning in the LGBT demonstrations. We fought for the freedom of speech. Democratic countries were passing laws about objective media. We were buring 21 bodies of journalists. Engeneeries were designing new hi-tech universities and schools. We were teaching our Math teachers how to take over Literature, Art and English teachers’ positions. America trained secret services how to conquer small teritories and spent 17 500$ on equipment. We gave Kalashnikov rifles to 20-year old boys and said “go and exterminate Eastern pseudo-brothers”. We were saving every coin. We were hoping. And, what? Yep, we lived.


Were we happy? Paradox, we were.


Why? It would be a long story. It doesn’t matter why and how. Emotions matters. Ukrainian hearts beat the fastest. Ukrainian hope is the deepest. Ukrainian desire is the strongest. Ukrainian love is the most passionate. We didn’t survive. We always kept going. Everyone wanted to conquer us. Some of them were pretty successful. Some never came back.

We stuck together. Russia, the UE, the USA- noone, never could break it. End never will.


Are we happy? Visit Ukraine and answer it.

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  1. J. S. Villacorta Verde, III

    One day, I would have the courage to visit Ukraine. I actually work with two Ukrainian brothers (software engineers).

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