1) Feed a baby koala

2) Hug a kangaroo

3) Sandsurfing in Australia

4) Spend a night under the stars on a fjord in New Zealand


5) Walk on a snowy fjord ✔

6) Surf in Hawaii

7) Ride on a car/bus roof

8) Wingsuit fly in South America

9) Dance all night long in a Cubanian club by the sea

10) Become a volunteer for kids 

11) Swim under the waterfall in jungles 

12) Snowboard freeride in Norway

13) Visit a concert in Moulin Rouge

14) Walk on iceberg

15) Helicopter flight above the Alps


16) Kiss in the rain

17) Dance all day long at Rio de Janeiro Carnival

18) Diving in the Coral Reef

19) Become a volunteer in Africa

20) Diving with sharks


21) Take a hot air balloon ride

22) Kayak through caves

23) Swim with a sea turtle

24) Parachute in Switzerland

25) Participate in Mexican holiday Dia de los muertos


26) Donate blood


27) Bungee jump 


28) Drink wine at an old French vineyard 


29) Sleep in a tent in the forest


30) Make a journey on a Trans-Siberian railway


31) Adopt a puppy 


32) Party on a remote island ✔


33) Milk a cow


34) Road trip in a van through the USA


35) Explore British Columbia


36) Go on a trip with a dog


37) Bath in hot springs of Iceland


38) Visit Taiwan Lantern Festival


39) Learn how to sail


40) Skydiving in Dubai


41) Read a book in the National Library of Prague


42) Feed an elephant in Thailand


43) Cross the ocean on a ship


44) Roller skate in Barcelona